Solar Roofing Products

These products are just the beginning. We will continue to innovate from shingles and roof types to underlayments, tools, processes, and delivery systems. There is opportunity within all of roofing, and we will develop it.

Starling’s RFS Products

The StarlingRFS roof consists of our patent pending RFS Shingle, and self-templating solar mounting hardware.

The RFS Shingle is made of corrosion-resistant steel coated with Starling black paint. It is color, gloss, and line matched to a range of top-tier solar modules. The form factor is ½ of a module’s length and width which simplifies design and layout. The shingle also has formed-in layout markers for installers.

Solar modules hang from our Starling RFS Solar Hang like a picture frame on a wall, from the top down. The system is self-templating: the Solar Hang hangs on the lower module frames and the process repeats.

Installers like the top-down installation because it allows for more ergonomic wire management. Roofers like the shingles because the entire install is done with ordinary roofing tools.

How do we compare to current options? Compared to asphalt, our shingles are a far better aesthetic match to solar panels. Our shingles last 50 years, twice as long as asphalt. This durability is how we go from mitigating cost to actually returning on investment.

Compared to solar-integrated tiles, like Tesla’s, the Starling system is simpler, less expensive, and quicker to install. Most importantly, the Starling system uses existing labor and supply chains that solar-integrated tiles do not, making ours easy to adopt and scale.

Starling’s RFS Shingle

Made of corrosion resistant steel which is color and gloss matched to solar panels. Lasts 40-70 years.

Starling RFS black metal roof shingle

RFS Shingle Specifications

Product Weight:

3.25 lbs per shingle

Roof Weight:

0.625 lb/ft2


Down to 3:12 slope roof


Minimum 15/32” OSB


Galvanized Steel ASTM A653


24” x 34.25”


Starling Black


30 years

Mounting Hardware - Coming Soon

StarlingRFS mounting hardware is deck-mounted and optimized for our shingles, but also works with asphalt shingles. It is low profile, with no visible clamps or brackets. It is fast and works everywhere. There are no tricky rules about where to place splices, no cantilever limits and no span tables.
Line drawing of Starling RFS bond lock for solar panels

Starling RFS Bond Lock
Coming Soon

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