Brian and Amy Atchley, CEO and COO of Starling RFS, together in front of Starling RFS Roof with Solar

Petaluma Solar Company Cashes in Federal Energy Grant


October 18, 2021

Petaluma’s r&d lab, as indicated by its name, started with the research and development of several products to create more renewable and accessible sources of energy.

“We started the company with a bunch of products and business ideas but we’re not sure which would get traction first,” Co-owner Brian Atchley said via email. “The r&d lab was meant to be a company to experiment with companies.”

Created in 2019 by the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Amy Atchley, r&d lab has found its niche, creating solar roofs that can be easily installed whenever a roof is installed or repaired. And recently, the Petaluma-based company was named one of two winners of the American-Made Solar Prize, a National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and U.S. Department of Energy contest meant to promote innovation in the United States.

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