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The Starling team has, quite possibly, developed and certified more solar roofs thanany other group of people on the planet. Take a look at our bonafides below.

Brian and Amy Atchley, CEO and COO of Starling RFS, together in a field

How can we have the largest and most immediate impact?

This is the question founders Amy and Brian Atchley asked themselves that led to the inception of Starling and roofing for solar. Their drive was to create a roof that is the obvious choice for homeowners, and which uses solar to pay for itself. By incorporating solar with a better roof they will enable scaling of rooftop solar.

Our Team

We are motivated to change roofing, solar, and the world for the better.


Brian Atchley


Amy Atchley



Ian Crecelius

Testing & Certification

Kyle Tripp

Mechanical Engineer

Jerry Rosales Martinez

Applications Engineer


Jessica Holten

Project Manager

Joe Griffin

Videography and Marketing


Suzanne Kimbel

Business Advisor

Jim Kimbel

Financial Advisor

Madeline Robinson

Advisor Manufacturing, Operations & Architecture

Chad Medcroft

PV Applications Advisor

Daniel East

Advisor Applications and Training

Our Solar Prize Journey

The American-Made challenges bring together product development teams with an unparalleled entrepreneurial support system consisting of pioneering fabrication facilities, a broad network of energy incubators, and 17 U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories to create a sweeping portfolio of innovations primed for private investment and commercial scale up.


To make solar roofs the obvious choice for anyone, by creating the best looking, most sustainable, most durable, and most affordable roofing available.


Every roof a solar roof.

Starling Founders on Roof


Relationships and Certifications that help us be better roofers and lend peace of mind.

Starling is a proud partner of the California Solar + Storage Association

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Brian Atchley

Brian Atchley is an engineer with a broad range of experience in the renewable energy field, driven by a passion for engineering and renewable energy he brings creativity and ingenuity to the projects he works on. He has extensive , mechanical know-how, and is additionally honest and fun and is; an inspiring team leader with documented success in high profile projects.

Amy Atchley

Amy Atchley has worked in education for the past 20 years, she is thorough and dedicated to the tasks she takes on and the people she works with. She will work tirelessly to reach the goal of the project she was set to do. She is passionate about creating immediate positive impact, which lead her to bring her skills and drive to Starling RFS. She wants to accelerate the use of sustainable energy.

Ian Cercelius

Ian Crecelius has always been interested in how things work and why things break which has led him into a career as an engineer. He enjoys bringing together a team to understand the core problem at hand, determining what actions need to happen to solve the problem, prioritizing tasks, keeping the team focused on what’s important to achieve that goal. He understands how to work in an environment where not all the answers are apparent, how to methodically find solutions that

Kyle Tripp

Kyle Tripp is a Design Engineer with extensive knowledge of design, materials, and testing. He has a passion for, and interest in design of all kinds with a focus on sustainability.

Kyle has a Master’s degree in Industrial and Technical Studies as well as a B.S. in Industrial Technologies with a Minor in Packaging. Throughout his career he has had an emphasis on design possibilities and manufacturing processes for a wide variety of materials and their associated costs. He has in-depth training in business-based decision tools and technically focused industrial processes and methods as well as a solid grounding in both business and engineering.

Jerry Rosales

Jerry Rosales has been working in Sonoma County as an applications engineer for over 20 years. He has a depth of hands-on experience that is rare. He is able to pivot effortlessly to problem solve on any install.

Jessica Holten-Casper

Jessica Holten-Casper has her roots in chocolate. She co-founded and co ran a successful organic chocolate company for 17 years. She has excellent organizational skills, keeping projects inline with the overarching vision as well as on track and ontime.
Additionally she is a big picture thinker and likes to be part of projects that have limitless potential, which makes her a fantastic team member of StarlingRFS.

Joseph Griffin

Joseph Griffin has been working in videography since he was a teen. This has resulted in vast wealth of experience. He now uses this extensive skill and his amazing talents in marketing. He brings a level of artistry that is unparalleled. But even more importantly he has an ability to find and capture beauty in even the simplest of tasks. He highlights the joy, humor and loveliness that is all around us.

Suzanne Kimbel

Suzanne Kimbel is an experienced CEO with a career focused on scaling companies at the intersection of software and logistics innovations. Her broad executive experience in industries ranging from software development to telecom and supply chain have informed her unique perspective on building disruptive businesses. Currently incubating a pre-seed startup focused on food supply chain resilience, she is also General Partner of The Investment Collective, a boutique syndicate focused on early-stage funding for unique entrepreneurs. She brings her specialties of   supply chain resilience, business development, business model design; product development, high-performance team development, finance, and organizational scaling to the StarlingRFS team.

Jim Kimbel

Jim Kimbel is a Global Finance Leader with extensive manufacturing, sales & marketing, and general management experience. Significant M&A history with over $7.5 billion in executed transactions. He has a strong track record of driving innovative revenue growth and operational efficiency. Jim is an expert in operational, corporate and strategic finance.

Madeline Robinson

Madeline Robinson is an architect and a manufacturing Engineer. She has her BS in manufacturing with 20 years experience in high precision sheetmetal and
30 years of CAD expertise
She is an expert architectural designer that works with local charities to build sustainable, low impact, fire resistant homes for low income survivors. She has her
MBA with a focus on operations management and often volunteers as a board member for non profits.

Chad Medcroft

Chad Medcroft is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience and leadership in the photovoltaics industry. He has a versatile career in the solar industry starting as an installer, progressing to sales & operations manager and senior technical trainer, then leading as VP of global applications engineering and VP of products. Chad is skilled at building highly motivated, performance-driven global teams, creating award winning products and services that meet the needs of the industry while also ensuring successful product rollouts with the implementation of effective training and quality assurance programs.

Daniel East

Daniel East has extensive experience in product development and as a training development specialist. He has co-founded and directed training and workforce development. He is a skilled design engineer specializing in solar applications. His list of successful training management projects is long and impressive. He has collaborated on the development of many products at the top solar companies in the world.