A Roof that Pays

Makes it the obvious Choice

Welcome to Starling. We are a solar roofing product company and we’ve created StarlingRFS. StarlingRFS is a roofing system that eliminates the problems roofers and homeowners have with current solar roofing options. It looks better, lasts longer, it’s easy to install, and it’s recyclable. Our StarlingRFS roofing shingles are designed to aesthetically complement the top performing solar panels on the market and our StarlingRFS mounting hardware makes it easier and more affordable to add solar panels to roofs. If that wasn’t cool enough, our StarlingRFS roof, combined with solar and energy offsets, pays for itself.

Roofing Designed For Solar

5 million buildings get new roofs every year, but only 400 thousand get solar. Roof buyers are motivated to take action because roofs protect people and property, but solar buyers are less motivated because solar is not required. Our goal is to couple the need for a roof with the benefits of solar. Watch the video to learn more.
Small house with solar panels on beautifully matching Starling RFS roof

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Home Owner

Beautiful, affordable, lasts 40-70 yrs & designed specifically for solar


Installs like asphalt, and performs like standing seam. 


Explore a new application of time tested materials.


Invest in the sustainable building movement.

Why Choose A Starling Roof

A Starling roof is cost efficient, durable, easy to install and effortlessly integrates with solar.

Easy to Install

Starling roofing systems use the same tools, and techniques as typical roofs, but have a beautiful new look at a great price.


Starling roofs are elegantly designed to integrate solar.


StarlingRFS last 40-70 years, twice as long as asphalt roofs. Our roofs perform better in hail, wind, fire, heat, and water catchment.


A Starling roof typically costs less than a standing seam roof and is warrantied with solar installation.


Starling roofing systems are fully recyclable, free from toxic run off, and have a negative carbon footprint.

It Pays for Itself

A Starling roof pays for itself through a lifetime of energy offsets. Then it keeps paying!

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